One of the big decisions that customers need to make when choosing a radon mitigation system is how they want that system routed. When we are talking about residential mitigation systems, our customers have the option to run their system on the exterior of their home or the interior. With so many questions about the difference, we thought it would be beneficial to write a pros and cons list.

Interior Mitigation System
Pros: Clean Design – Quiet Operation – Fan Is Mounted Further Away From Outdoor Activity
Cons: More Costly – Less Routing Options – Less Maintenance Friendly

Interior mitigation systems are increasing in popularity. The greatest reason for this increase is the ability to install a system with the same great results as an exterior system, without the unsightly tubing on the side of your home.

Some other great reasons of an interior system are the ability to mount the fan in the attic, which keeps it away from your outdoor activities and the system can be installed in new home construction within walls which keeps all parts of the system out of eyesight and away from possible damage.

Interior mitigation systems are a great route for those building a new home, seeking a clean design or that want to keep their fan as far away from guests and their family.

Exterior Mitigation System
Pros: Cost Effective – More Routing Options – Easier Maintenance
Cons: More visible tubing – Fan Operation May Be Audible For Outdoor Activities

Exterior mitigation systems are a staple in the radon reduction world. They are the most cost effective and versatile route of radon mitigation. Not only are they cheaper, because the majority of the tubing and fan are mounted on the exterior, we spend less time in the home and maintenance is less invasive.

Because the fan is mounted on the exterior of the home, you run the risk of being able to hear that fan running when you are entertaining guests outside. The fan does not produce much noise, but some customers find the faint hum to be a nuisance. However, many customers have created soundproofing for their systems and along with ways to hide their system. Lattice box enclosures, painting and foliage are some of the ways customers have hid their exterior systems to make them more visually appealing.

Exterior mitigation systems are a great route for individuals that are more budget conscious and want a system that has more routing options.

We hope this short article helps you better understand your options when it comes to mitigation system routing in your home. If you have more questions give the professionals at River Valley Radon a call. They will gladly sit down with you and your family and explain your routing options further.